Over 14% reduction in excess waiting time for the transit users in the north and east of Santiago

30 May 2019, Waiting Time, Savings, (TAGS)

Alejandro Schmidt, Chief Executive Officer

The benefits for the people

Transantiago is a public transport system that aimed for a better service for the Santiago citizens through tendering process, bus location technology and multimodality. While this was fulfilled, there was a problem that persisted: long waiting times because of irregularity.


Here is where BusAssist came into play. Monitoring the operation with real-time indicators became easier and smart recommendations gave a concrete way to improve. The bus services consistently became more regular, which was made evident through excess waiting time (EWT) indicator. Thus Santiago got a more efficient and better service for their passengers.

The numbers speak
for themselves

Daily benefited passengers
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EWT reduction
Minutes of annual reduction projected.

User growth over time

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