Sustainable Mobility

Your users will have access to a mobile app to choose their best mobility alternatives


BusAssist Sustainable Mobility App is focused on the most important element of any public transport system: the passengers. Displaying relevant information about your users’ trips and the current state of the transit system is the way that your company can change the lives of the people.

For the passenger

  • Next arrival times at bus stops
  • Real-time position of buses
  • Multimodal trip planning

For the client

  • Know better the trip patterns
  • Communicate with your users
  • Receive feedback on the level of service


The BusAssist Sustainable Mobility App has the following features:


Brand the app with your desired branding


Choose what modules and features to enable

Android & iOS

Available for Android and IOS

Experience the impact BusAssist can have on your day to day operation through a live demo