BusAssist for Public Transport Authorities

Better transport for the city, the best decision for people


Private Transport is a latent threat for the sustainable development of modern cities. Increasing level of service in public transport systems is a big challenge and, probably, the best investment that any city can make to deal with air pollution and traffic congestion. Additionally, most systems face daily challenges like dealing with irregular headways, variable demand and high levels of traffic congestion, that make the transport service and the quality of life worse


BusAssist helps you deal with variability and gives useful information on the status of the whole system, providing real-time suggestions through its intelligent algorithms. With our support, you will be able to deliver a better service to your passengers, turn the transit system in a reliable mobility alternative and significantly improve the quality of life for all the citizens.

BusAssist Benefits

  • Better quality of service through online operational suggestions
  • Easier control and supervision of the operational performance through tailor-made real-time reports
  • Smarter cities using our intelligent solutions
  • Regular headways, a reliable service and shorter waiting times for the users
  • Passengers informed in real time with the urban mobility app

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Watch your vehicles’ location in real time and monitor your operation through online KPIs.

Support your drivers with live instructions that will improve your regularity and punctuality.

Watch next arrivals at each stop and multimodal trip planning support for passengers in real time.

Some cities have already seen the impact of BusAssist on their public transport

22 Oct 2018

With the implementation of the public transit system Transantiago in 2007, Santiago wanted to standardize the bus services with tendering, decrease pollution.

22 Oct 2018

Transantiago is a public transport system that aimed for a better service for the Santiago citizens through tendering process, bus location technology and multimodality.

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