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Being a public transport operator is hard work. Coordinating drivers’ shifts, buses maintenance and dealing with all the day to day operational contingencies to offer a high quality service is a significant challenge. Making decisions under a context of uncertainty and lack of information only adds complexity to the everyday work of any public transport operator.


BusAssist supports transit operators on their daily challenges. It provides real-time information on their operation in an intuitive and useful way, allowing all the areas of your company to make the best operational decisions. Our platform can adapt to the specific characteristics of your transit system, helping to optimize your performance. Discover how to accomplish your objectives with an innovative solution and stand out as a pioneer at a global scale.

BusAssist Benefits

  • Make the most of your available data with the real-time indicators
  • Fulfill the requirements of your contract with our smart algorithms
  • Save costs and operate efficiently with our real time suggestions
  • Improve the reliability of your service and offer your users a better experience
  • Manage your fleet and drivers to reach the best utilization of your key resources
  • Become a pioneer company applying the latest academic kwoledge in your operation.

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Watch your vehicles’ location in real time and monitor your operation through online KPIs.

Avoid disruptions in your operation and boost the level of service with real-time suggestions that improve dispatch regularity.

Support your drivers with live instructions that will improve your regularity and punctuality.

Manage the logistics of your operation and the compliance of the workshifts program.

Some cities have already seen the impact of BusAssist on your public transport

22 Oct 2018

With the implementation of the public transit system Transantiago in 2007, Santiago wanted to standardize the bus services with tendering, decrease pollution.

22 Oct 2018

Transantiago is a public transport system that aimed for a better service for the Santiago citizens through tendering process, bus location technology and multimodality.

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